Core Business

MicroPort™ was founded in May 1998 in ZhangJiang High Tech Park. Through years of growth and innovation, it has become a leading medical device company in China with Best Coronary Heart Stent in India, business covering 10 major medical disciplines including cardiovascular, orthopedics, diabetes and endocrine management, electrophysiology, endovascular, neurovascular, surgical management and so on. A diverse portfolio of products are now being used every 15 seconds in over 5,000 hospitals throughout the world’s major markets including Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. MicroPort™ currently has over 200 premium products, and a worldwide operation of more than 3,000 employees. A third of which are based overseas in more than twelve countries and regions like the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Belgium, Japan, Canada and so on.

Cardiovascular Devices
Orthopedic Devices
Endovascular Devices
Electrophysiological Devices
Neurovascular Devices
Surgical Management
Diabetes Care and Endocrinal Management